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Dedicated Sefton stop smoking advisors rewarded for years of hard work

Claire MacKenzie collecting Stop Smoking Specialist Award

Claire MacKenzie collecting Stop Smoking Specialist Award

Two Sefton Stop Smoking Advisors who have helped save the lives of hundreds of smokers by encouraging them to quit smoking have been commended at a North West awards ceremony.

Carmel Fraser and Claire MacKenzie received their awards from Smokefree North West at City Inn, Manchester, to mark the 10 Year Anniversary of Stop Smoking Services in the region. Since their launch in 1999, North West Stop Smoking Services have collectively helped 371,693 people quit smoking.

Claire MacKenzie has worked for Sefton Stop Smoking Service since it began in 2001, and for the past 18 months has delivered smoking cessation interventions to prisoners in HMP Kennet, housed in Sefton.  Claire has worked hard to develop the service within the prison since it opened, and has developed peer support groups for prisoners trying to quite smoking, involving them in creating the posters displayed throughout the prison to advertise the service.

Claire was nominated by Collette Kearney, who said: “Claire is a joy to work with, never complains about her work load and, despite the demands of having a hectic family life with three young children, is always on hand to help out other team members, and she is an asset to the Stop Smoking Service.”

Another worthy Sefton winner is Carmel Fraser who has steered her team through many changes in Sefton, managing the expansion and development of the service. Just days after receiving her North West award, Carmel attended a celebration event at the House of Commons to celebrate 10 years of stop smoking services nationally.

Carmel was nominated for the North West award by Carol Mills and Lynne Hughes, who said: “Carmel encourages all staff to share ideas and suggestions for improving our services and always makes herself available if any of us have an issue to discuss. She is loved by all our team and we are all proud of the way she copes so well with the demands on her time without ever getting flustered.”

Chair of Smokefree North West Dr Janet Atherton, who presented the award, said: “It is important that we recognise and celebrate today that over the past 10 years more than one third of a million people have been helped to quit smoking by North West Stop Smoking Services.

“Claire and Carmel have made a fantastic contribution to help people live longer and healthier lives. They deserve our thanks for that.”

People who want to quit smoking can contact Sefton Stop Smoking Service on 0300 100 1000.

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