Why Tackle Tobacco?

In the UK around 207,000 children start smoking every year - 90% start before they are 19. More than 80,000 people die from their habit every year making it the single biggest cause of early deaths. Tobacco Free Futures is committed to breaking the cycle of addiction and exposure to tobacco in every community so that fewer people have to die from this deadly addiction.

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How do we do it?

Everything we do is carried out with people, purpose and passion in mind. We have delivered a number of innovative projects to successfully drive down smoking rates. This includes making tobacco less affordable by tackling illicit tobacco, protecting children by raising awareness of the harms caused by secondhand smoke and stopping the promotion of tobacco through marketing and branding.

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How we can help you

Tobacco Free Futures can support your organisation to tackle tobacco harm in your community, collaboratively and comprehensively. Our broad skills base means we can deliver a range of consultancy services using practical experience and research based knowledge to support partners with tobacco control programmes regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Training, Products & Services
Who we are

We are leading experts in tackling tobacco, and our aim is to change the way children, young people and adults think about tobacco and drive down smoking rates. We tackle tobacco in a number of ways including award winning campaigns, leading advocacy activity, influencing Government legislation, evidences based research, sharing best practice and giving communities a voice.

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